Newhalf, Otokonoko, … Thread FAQ

Frequently asked questions for the Newhalf, Otokonoko, Josou, Ladyboy, Shemale Thread on 4chan’s /t/ board.

# Table of content

# What thread?|Newhalf|Shemale

# What content is allowed?

Live-action pornography involving feminine persons except cis-woman.
Assume a spectrum for feminity. This spectrum for us starts with male-to-female transgenders that had sex reassignment surgery and ends with femboys. In-between are among others transgenders without sex reassignment surgery, third genders and cross-dressers.
At the boundaries, but outside this spectrum are futanaris and twinks.

# Where’s the archive?

# How can I share some content?


  1. Upload torrent to sukebei
  2. Share magnet link in the thread


  1. Register on
  2. Upload files to Mega
  3. Share mega link in the thread—preferable obfuscated with Base64 encoding

# What Mega?

# Common Terms

Beware of pornography: gender identity is moot there and studios use terms loosely.

# Japanese

† as a combined josou and otokonoko tag: 女装・男の娘

# English

# Where to get JAV?

JAV is Japanese Adult Videos. Censored.
Uses DVD codes like BOKD-138 or DASD-487 to easily identify titles.
More general info about JAV.

# Secondary sources

Use those aggregators for easy access to latest rips.
Torrents if not noted otherwise.

# Primary sources

If you need it asap, try those.


English / Japanese

# Streams

# Magnet search engines

# Databases

Also contain download links.

# Shops

Also function as a database.
Beware of DRM’ed downloads.



# Can I book those JAV actresses?

Yes, most are available:
For general sex work information in Japan, see

# What about Circles?

同人, often romanized as doujin; translated as circle, is a general Japanese term for a group of people or friends who share an interest, activity, hobbies, or achievement. Non-professional.

# Notable circles


# Getchu

Japanese Clips4Sale where circles sell their content DRM-free.

  1. Need to pass their over-18 check to get all adult releases:
  2. Then for example look at

# Rips

# What about JGV?

JGV (Japanese Gay Video) does bishounen content and on rare occasions josou or otokonoko.
JGV is generally not well organized—no good databases unlike JAV.

# Is there any uncensored newhalf content?

Yes, but mostly old stuff. Downloads can be found here.
The following are pay-sites.

# Past

# Current

# Where to get Non-JAV?

Non-JAV as in Western porn, mostly produced by US companies and shot among others in the US, Brazil, or Thailand.

# Primary sources

Private tracker

# Databases


# News

# State of the industry

# Streams

# What’s the best way to download from Mega?

Use proxies or VPNs to circumvent Mega’s ~5GB/6h transfer quota.

# How can I rip a stream?

A generic method to download a stream

  1. Open DevTools in your desktop browser (f.ex. Chrome)
  2. Go to the network tab (Chrome)
  3. Load the stream you want to rip
  4. Look for a request of playlist like .m3u when the stream loads
  5. Copy that request’s URL (Chrome: right-click on it: copy > copy link address)
  6. Use youtube-dl with the request’s URL to download the stream: youtube-dl URL

# Are traps gay?

ContraPoints view:

# Where can I talk about general LGBT topics?

This thread is just for porn.

For general LGBT topics use:

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